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Saturday, 9 June 2012

freelancer orientation exam answers

freelancer orientation exam 

1.  Where Can I Find a list of projects i’m Currently working on?
Answer: On the freelancer View of my Dashboard

2. Question: How Much Does it Cost To Register as a Freelancer On
Answer:  There is No Cost To Register

3. How can a freelancer increase his/her chances of winning bids?
Answer: All of these

4. Multiple accounts are required in order to both bid on jobs as a freelancer and hire freelancer as an employer
Answer: False

5. Question : How can A Freelancer stay up to date on new projects
Answer: BY any of these Methods

6. Question: What is the Mountly Bid limit for a Premium member?
Answer: 500 Bids Limit

7. Question: How can a Freelancer Increase his/her Chances of Winning bids?
Answer: All Of These

8. Which of the following is the Correct way for a freelancer to use the project Clairification Board?
ANSWER: TO Ask Questions about a project after Bidding

9. Question: how can A freelancer Avoid being Cheated on a project
Answer: All of these

10. Question: Where can a Freelancer see how many bid He/she has Left?
Answer: in the Welcome Section of the Dashboard

11. What Would pervient a freelancer from bidding on a project?
Answer: Any of these
12. How can a freelancer contact an employer before being setected for a project?
Answer: Send a private message to the employer’s inbox
13. How much does it cost to bid on a project?
Answer: It Depends on the project budget
14. What advantages does standard membershio offer a freelancer?
Answer: All of these are correct.
15. Question : Which of the Following methods is Recommended for a freelancer to draw extra Attention to his/her Bid on a project?
Answer : Choose the Highlight my bid opton.

16. Can a freelancer bid on a project that’s posted as private?
Answer: Yes,but there is a $3.00 fee to bid

17. What the Mountly bid limit for a basic member?
Answer: 50 

18. How many job types can a premium member have selected the qualification section of his/her profile?
Answer: 100

19. What Should a freelancer do if he/she suspects an employer of fraud after bidding a project
Answer: Report the activity to Support

20. What Would prevent a freelancer from bidding on a project?
Answer: Any of these

21. Besides doing employer projects, how else can a freelancer make money on
Answer: Any of these 

22. I have Submitted feedback for an employer.But it doesn’t show on the employer’s profile ,why not?
The employer doesn’t allow feedback

23. What advantage does the Milestone Payment system Offer freelancers over other payment method?
Answer:All of these are correct